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A big part of my life in Squamish has been dedicated to volunteering my time with groups and initiatives that are important to me. Volunteering started early for me. It is important to me to give back and it is something I continue to do.

The list below gives you some ideas of what I have been doing and what I am currently supporting.

1990 to 2019

  • Squamish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association

  • Sea to Sky Freenet Society

  • Capilano College Campus Advisory Board

  • Test of Metal

  • Squamish Triathlon

  • Squamish Youth Triathlon

  • Youth soccer coach

  • Minor baseball coach

  • Howe Sound Dance Academy

  • Squamish Days Loggers Sports

  • Gran Fondo

  • Squamish Youth Sailing School

  • Shoreline Cleanup

  • Pitch-in Week

  • Recycle Bicycle

  • Loop the Lakes

  • Squamish 50

  • Squamish Homeless Survey

*note that some of these volunteer commitments include payment when I provide a sound system. 

1990 and earlier

  • Scouts

  • Youth soccer

  • Howe Sound Secondary soccer

  • Minor baseball

  • Squamish swim club

  • School basketball

  • Brennan Park Teen Club

  • Red Cross Youth

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