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Community First

I'm passionate about this place we call home. I was born here and I intend to be here well into the future. While much has changed in the last four decades I'm more excited about the future of Squamish than ever before.

This website is filled with great information. In addition to what you find on this site you can click on the social media links to stay current via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My mobile phone number is also posted on this site for those who want to get technology out of the way and speak directly with me.

What you need to know is that my parents live here and my children were raised here. Everything I do is with the good of the community in mind. Any proposal that doesn't serve Squamish well into the future will not get my support.

Mine is a created life and I'm the author of it. This is a way of thinking I bring to the work I do for the people of Squamish. Anything is possible. Squamish is very close to reaching its full potential. That full potential can be reached. I will work hard over the next few years and I want you to be my partner in that by sharing your concerns, your thoughts and your knowledge.

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