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Baby, you can drive your car

“Beep, beep - beep, beep, ya!” -Lennon & McCartney

There’s a solid reason for me supporting improved transit service, bike lanes and safer pedestrian infrastructure. I think this particular reason gets too little attention.

I’m all good with folks who either can’t or won’t take the bus and can’t walk or cycle around. If you NEED your vehicle to accomplish all your movements, I support you in that need. Many people around me have mobility issues, jobs that are require vehicle use and some people are just good old stubborn folks who refuse to park their vehicles purely as a choice.

Creating improved transit, pedestrian and cycling facilities so those who WANT to ride the bus, walk and cycle more will use their vehicles less and less means those who need their vehicles will experience reduced congestion and there will be more available parking.

So, when I push for improved transit, more protection for pedestrians and an increase in safe cycling infrastructure I’m doing it with everyone in mind and nobody specifically targeted. Drive if you need to drive. Drive if you want to drive. Drive for the love of it. Let’s make it easier for transit users to hop on a bus, safer for cyclists to ride their bikes and for pedestrians make it a pleasant experience that doesn’t involve risking your life to walk around our community. When more people choose active transportation, congestion reduces for those who have to drive.

And, let’s keep in mind those who don’t have vehicles. Young people new in the labour market, low-income folks who can’t afford a vehicle and those who, for whatever reason, don’t have a driver’s licence.

Here’s a chart:

This chart demonstrates how those who choose active transportation get health benefits for themselves and they contribute to an improved economy for all.

For those who want to vehicle less and active transport more please go for it. For those who want to drive more please support efforts to make it easier to clear more vehicles off the road for you so congestion is reduced.

***When I refer to walking and cycling, I include with that skateboarding, inline skating, scootering and rolling of any other kind as forms of active transportation.

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