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We need more housing

Recently, I created and published a video on housing in Squamish, specifically accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on private residential properties. In the video I made specific mention of Tiny Homes. Interesting timing as development proposal for the Ross Road area includes a Tiny House Village at the plot northwest corner of Ross Road and Government Road.

The 2023 housing study indicated we need 6,840 new housing units by 2031 to meet the future need in our community.

ADUs can be added to large lot residential properties without the need for a rezoning. The rezoning process is a lengthy one so any time housing units can be added without going through the rezoning process it produces new housing quickly.  Anyone with a large residential lot and access to capital is well positioned to build an ADU. Once built, it won’t be difficult to find a tenant.

The website has information on housing. You can check that out at this link to the district website.

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