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We have some great parks in Squamish and we have a few that need some work. Thankfully, early developers knew the value of creating small neighbourhood parks so, many were built in the late 1960s and early '70s. In my first term on Squamish Council we've worked with the development community to create a few new park and playground areas. Between 2018 and 2022 we also funded and built the new Spirit Creek Park near the intersection of Buckley Avenue and Brittania Avenue.

There's a really good example of how parks can be poorly planned and that is at Ravenswood. The developer provided the new neighbourhood with perimeter fencing on three sides and a patch of grass.

Now, Ravenswood residents are working hard to turn the boring and exposed rectangle into something the neighbourhood can actually make use of. Trees were planted, a picnic table was installed along with a bench and little book library was erected. As long as I'm on council we won't repeat the mistake of allowing land owners with undeveloped land to simply plant grass and call it a park. Parks are complete when they have elements like play structures, trees, plants, seating areas, covered structures, water features, fencing, lighting and toilets.

The students, parents and teachers at Mamquam Elementary School have really come together and created a thriving play area. This gathering place has swings, play structures, a climbing wall, seating, a covered area and gardens. It is a great example of how citizens came together to create a community oasis.

I'm looking forward to pushing forward the plans outlined in the Brennan Park Fields and Master Plan along with the Real Estate and Facilities Master Plan. These plans call for much-needed improvements and additions to Brennan Park. For many years the district has been working to figure out how to fund another sheet of ice, increase our pool capacity, build a splash park, more outdoor courts (basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, lacrosse) and improved changing rooms. I'm looking forward to putting more energy into these initiatives to get them done over the next few years.

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