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Show us the corruption

Many saw a social media post recently accusing a municipal councillor and current council candidate of corruption. The sponsored Facebook post gave no indication of who made the accusation and there was no evidence in the ad supporting the accusation. I strongly oppose election tactics such as this and I call on the person or people who paid for the sponsored post to come forward. Please make yourself known.

As a candidate who has also been the target of third-party Facebook advertising aimed at discouraging people from voting for me, I found the corruption ad very concerning. I fear that some Facebook users who don’t fully understand how the land development approval process works have become convinced that the candidate in question is corrupt. It is with a great deal of confidence that I submit to you that no members of the current council are involved in any form of corruption. Also, seven members of council vote on Official Community

Mamquam Blind Channel
Sometimes it's best for neighbours to agree that they disagree.

Plan (OCP) amendments. The decision-making process is not left in the hands of a single person. It is also worth noting that changes to the OCP go through a public consultation process.

The current election candidates are doing a good job sharing their platforms and allowing voters to get to know their policies and who they are. I encourage all voters to look beyond vindictive election posts on social media with no source information attached -- if an author can’t put their name to it, I suggest that whatever they have to say, holds little value.

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