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Statement regarding District Lot 509/510

Following the motions regarding District Lot 509/510 on Tuesday (March 2) I wish to express my disappointment with the actions of the property owners during the decision-making process related to the growth management boundary.

All landowners face risk. And, when large tracts of undeveloped land are purchased for future development one must accept that the timing of development is highly dependent on many factors outside of the control of the landowner. In this case the landowner has been trying for more than a decade to begin planning development of the property.

Sometimes land development is like an ultra-marathon.

Ultra-marathon runners are generally a patient bunch. They have to be because the race is a slow and methodical event that requires patience and grace under pressure.

The current owners of DL 509/510 have been anything but graceful. The owners opted to share misinformation and launch personal attacks against individual council members. The tactics were unprecedented.

While I support bringing the property inside Squamish’s growth management boundary I don’t support the tactics used by the landowner in the last few weeks.

As I have done before, I encourage the property owner to reconsider the use of personal attacks and misinformation in favour of cooperation and collaboration.

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