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Tourism future

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Squamish has much more future potential as a tourism destination.

While on vacation for a few days in the Shuswap I found myself thinking about the tourism infrastructure in Squamish. As I paddled around Shuswap Lake and swam in the bay we were staying at with friends from Calgary I found myself thinking of how fortunate Squamish is to have the natural attractions it has. From the consistent and reliable winds of Howe Sound to the rock faces of the Smoke Bluffs and the multiple former logging roads converted to mountain bike trails Squamish has much to offer visitors looking for adventure.

Now that we're hard wired for adventure in what many still feels is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada more and more people are discovering all that Squamish has to offer. Beyond the wind sports, the climbing and mountain bike riding Squamish also has excellent golfing, world-class hiking, destination backcountry adventures, kayaking, river rafting, fishing, amazing soccer fields and ball diamonds, a summer music festival and so much more.

I fully support initiatives that will preserve the current trail inventory in Squamish. Those who are maintaining climbing routes, promoting wind sports and other recreational pursuits deserve support because tourism is an economic generator that brings new money to our community. I also fully support the Squamish Canyon project. It has the potential to be as successful as the Sea to Sky Gondola to help further cement the reputation of our community as a destination for adventure.

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