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2023 Reflections

It is December of 2023 and it feels like my fifth year in elected office flew by amazingly fast.

My fifth year also happens to be the first year of the current term. The two new councillors have integrated well with the returning council members. One of our strengths as a council is the level of respect Council and the core leadership team brings to the work.

You just need to take a look at the struggles a number of councils are dealing with around the province to understand the importance of respect in the council chambers. Places like Kamloops, Harrison Hot Springs and Tahsis are struggling. Those three councils haven’t been able to figure out how to work together and I believe the most important missing ingredient in all three of these examples is respect. Respect for the people at the table (including the senior leadership teams), respect for processes and bylaws in place to guide meaningful discussion and respect for the people who elected the members of council.

Looking back on the first year of this term here in Squamish, there’s been many accomplishments.

We created a strategic plan to guide the Council at a high level until October of 2026.

The Squamish Housing Society hit the ground running under the leadership of Executive Director Sara Ellis.

An historic memorandum of understanding was signed with the Squamish Nation (photo above).

The Spirit Creek building opened across the street from Howe Sound Secondary.

This fall Pickleball players started using the new courts at Brennan Park seconds after the paint had dried on the lines.

And, construction started on Fire Hall Number Two on Tantalus Road.

Coming up in the year ahead you’ll see work taking place at Brennan Park as upgrades to our rec centre begin. We’ll continue working toward starting construction on the desperately needed new public works building and I’m looking forward to splash park construction at Brennan Park starting this spring.

Enjoy the 2023 holiday season and have a happy New Year!

And, remember that you can communicate with me any time by calling me at 604-848-9093. My email address is I also post regularly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Bluesky and X (formerly Twitter). When I create videos I post them to my YouTube channel.

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