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Garibaldi Provincial Park Proposal

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Some Garibaldi Provincial Park visitors are pushing for big changes in the park.

The proposal details were published recently by members of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club on website.

All of this is coming from backcountry enthusiasts with a dream. There is no government support for the proposals. There’s no funding in place to study the proposed new ideas. There’s just a strong will on the part of a few people at this point.

Here’s some highlights:

*an upgrade of the Darling Lake trail (Skookum Creek to Darling Lake)

*the creation of a Demon Ridge trail

*construction of three bridges over Skookum Creek

*construction of bridges over Culliton Creek

*new trails from Skookum Creek to Eanastick Meadows and Brohm Ridge to Mount Price

*an upgrade of the Warren Glacier trail from the Swift Creek trailhead

*build a hut at Warren Glacier

The folks behind the dream have identified funding sources. The list includes the BC Parks Enhancement Fund, partnership agreements with outdoor clubs, the BC Rural Dividend Fund, donations, backcountry camping permit sales and cash contributions from the proponents of the all-season resort on Brohm Ridge.

This conversation is new. It hasn’t circulated widely at this point.

The Squamish Chief picked up on the discussion and publishing an article about the proposed changes in the March 5, 2020 edition.

This is just what is needed at this point. The ideas need to be discussed. The merits need to be highlighted. The concerns need to be expressed.

I’m keen to hear feedback and share feelings about the future of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

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